Time for health care for all

Time for health care for all

Congress should work with the Trump administration to ensure that the individual mandate is enforced and that the federal government makes critically important cost-sharing payments that make coverage affordable for many Americans.

Dear Editor: The trouble with America's health care system is that it is based on the insurance model.

A July 28 vote killed the Senate bill temporarily, but the threat to those with coverage through the ACA is not over.

When Republicans controlled all branches of government and it came time to repeal the ACA they could not do it.

I do not think we can afford this. Trump and other Republicans campaigned on repealing and replacing the law, which they blame for driving up costs. Truly letting states govern health-care policy will most hurt poorer and sicker people in red states. In exchange for these high prices, Georgians get a massive deductible and a limited network where it is hard for the truly sick to find the specialists they need.

Most people in the United States have health coverage, so turning 65 and qualifying for Medicare doesn't really change anything for them. "Our plan is not about forcing people to buy expensive, one-size-fits-all coverage". Both the higher- and lower-income groups would have been subsidized by a "stabilization fund" ("bailout", some say) compensating insurers for remaining in otherwise unprofitable markets. This has yet to happen, but universal participation is fundamental in funding the type of health insurance plans we envision.

This means they are not in the position of having only a forced choice.

"If your house is on fire, you want to put out the fire, and the fire in this case is the individual health insurance market", Alexander said in a statement Tuesday.

Stop the hysteria! Start looking into the root causes of unaffordable health care, then do something about it!

Such a choice is not a real choice. So to the extent health care improves health outcomes, we should see a noticeable uptick in results as people reach 65, at least relative to the trajectory of aging they otherwise would experience.

I was proud to support health care reform that passed the House and tried to actually fix this failed experiment, but Senate Democrats-and a few wayward Republicans - refused to even send a compromise to conference committee to work with the House.

And instead of learning lessons from Congress that essentially slapped things together without addressing obvious pitfalls, the State Senate will approve a single payer program for auto insurance without any details or even an inkling of how much it will cost.

Many Americans, including leading Republicans, recognized this non-solution would be a disaster. Meanwhile millions of citizens signed up for insurance or Medicaid. There would be no requirement to purchase coverage, nor would there be a guarantee of subsidies to make that coverage affordable (although states could choose to spend their grant toward this purpose).

The majority of value-based care contracts in the healthcare industry are still upside-only, in which participants receive bonuses or shared savings payments if they hit their quality benchmarks but are not financially liable if they do not.

Americans should realize these radical Republicans don't care about them.



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