Venezuela's constitution rewrite is set to start Friday in the tense capital

Venezuela's constitution rewrite is set to start Friday in the tense capital

SmartMatic was in charge of the voting operations in Venezuela since 2004. The all-powerful body, which is expected to be installed today, ...

This election, which took place Sunday, in a context of great violence, making ten killed, never ceases to provoke an worldwide outcry.

"Nothing and no one can stop the victory of the people!"

Antonio Mugicala, the CEO of the uk-based company, SmartMatic. According to the company, however, its estimates point to a "difference between actual participation and that announced by the authorities of at least one million votes". The opposition has called for protests against the inauguration.

On Tuesday, Luis Emilio Rondon, the only opposition representative on the National Electoral Council's five-member board, charged there were irregularities in Sunday's elections.

White House officials have prepared a menu of possible additional sanctions against Venezuela, according to a person familiar with the planning who asked not to be identified discussing internal deliberations. Maduro, whose mandate ends in 2019.

A high turnout was seen as crucial for leftist Maduro to legitimize the election in the face of wide worldwide criticism.

The low turnout would be a major indictment of Maduro, especially after the opposition last month held its own unofficial vote in which it said more than 7.5 million voted against the government's controversial assembly. Each camp disputed the figures of the other. Before the election, Datanalisis, the largest polling firm in Venezuela, predicted that at best 3 million voters would take part in the election.

If the overdue state elections are to be held, they would likely depend on the decisions of the Constituent Assembly.

The newly elected Venezuelan legislative body will meet for the first time Friday morning, Maduro said in a speech broadcast nationwide.

The opposition intends to continue to sit notwithstanding anything to the Parliament.

While Venezuela's old allies, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Russian Federation, supported the Sunday vote for the formation of the new 545-member body, the United States, the European Union, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Canada and Peru denounced the vote, saying the Constituent Assembly can destroy the Venezuelan democracy and institutionalize autocracy there.

Smartmatic, which produces electronic voting machines, started in Venezuela during the tenure of the late President Hugo Chavez.

Details on what might be included in a new constitution are unclear.

The Communist Party of Ireland expresses its solidarity with the working people of Venezuela and congratulates them on holding successful elections and on the positive outcome of the election of the Constituent Assembly, despite widespread violence and intimidation by the right-wing opposition.

President Donald Trump condemned that action.

Two opposition leaders have been arrested in an apparent crackdown.

Rubio, who says he's been in touch with Trump and Vice President Michael Pence on the issue, said the administration is moving "very incrementally, very strategically, very targeted and very smart".

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, shown celebrating Sunday's results, has been called a "dictator" by the United States. Internationally, the Venezuelan crisis is viewed as one of the most serious cases of a collapsing middle-income nation-state in modern history and certainly one of the most dramatic and challenging transitions ever seen in the Americas. In March, the Venezuelan Supreme Court made a decision to absorb the legislative powers of the state's National Assembly.

However, anti-Chavistas argue that 18 years of democratic subversion and economic mismanagement under his socialist government brought the country to the brink of civil war.



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