Sen. Flake takes GOP to task over Trump

Sen. Flake takes GOP to task over Trump

Bozell wasn't the only conservative to speak out against Flake's new book, however.

The title alludes to the 1960 book of the same name by former Sen.

Flake, who kicked off the round of book interviews with an appearance Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation", said Monday that response to the book has been generally positive.

That said-Flake may be a nice guy who likes democracy and thinks that whole "Lock Her Up" thing was bad, but aside from the awkward fact that his Goldwater-worshipping political philosophy is rotten at its core, he hasn't done an enormous amount to stand up to Trump and the accompanying decay of congressional norms aside from writing a book railing against those things.

Even the "conservatives" Senator Flake admires reveal his disposition toward the sort of Republican who will pay lip service to conservative principle while acting like a liberal.

Flake made a point to reference civility in his book.

The aptly named Flake just wrote a book titled "Conscience of a Conservative" and if that sounds familiar, it's because Barry Goldwater wrote it first. "I just don't know who's going to be the ones to make the first move". The second-ranking Senate Republican said "communication and coordination" between the Trump White House and Republicans on the Hill are "suffering" and hopes the addition of Gen. John Kelly as the new chief of staff will help.

There are Republicans in the Senate - Richard Burr and Chuck Grassley come to mind - who have been measured in their rhetoric but have taken substantial actions to hold Trump accountable for his lawlessness. "But you can't respond to everything". "He's been voting for what he thinks is right, but also he has been outspoken on things he definitely disagrees with".

Flake's record demonstrates how time and time again he has sold out conservatives on key issues.

Flake denounces "playing to the base" protectionist trade policies and puts his support behind "institutions and prerogatives, like the Senate filibuster". "We are working hard to get the Republican Party back on track".

Hey, Senator Flake, you're not the only one!

Flake was a major proponent of the so-called Gang of Eight's failed attempt to pass "comprehensive immigration reform" that would give amnesty to illegal aliens. Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton are considering runs for office.

"Jeff Flake, in a Politico Magazine article, said that President was a carnival barker and had eroded conservatism". Kelli Ward, who unsuccessfully challenged McCain in 2016.

Mr. Flake is up for re-election next year in an increasingly purple swing state with a rapidly growing Hispanic electorate.

He's also been a Trump critic since the campaign. He also parts ways with some parts of the party on issues like normalizing relations with Cuba.

"What are Jeff Flake's conservative principles?" A destabilizing showdown with Congress looms next month over raising the USA debt limit, risking the stock-market boom that Mr. Trump naturally likes to claim credit for. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

Flake notes that any policy victories under Trump would be "pyrrhic ones". His latest filing with the Federal Election Commission shows he had raised $4.3 million by June 30, nearly $1.5 million in the last quarter alone, and still had $3 million in the bank. In other words, Republicans need to keep on being Republicans, despite who's at the head of their party.



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