Nevada's Heller becomes 5th GOP senator opposed to health bill

Nevada's Heller becomes 5th GOP senator opposed to health bill

The bill would let states get waivers to ignore some coverage requirements under Obama's law, such as specific health services insurers must now cover.

A number of Republicans such as Susan Collins and ME said it was "too soon" to judge the bill until they had had a chance to read it.

The draft healthcare bill Senate Republicans released on Thursday is similar to the House-passed bill on the ObamaCare taxes, repealing almost all of them and delaying the "Cadillac" tax on high-cost health plans.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has touted the bill as an effective means of combating rising premiums and improving affordability for many Americans. Senate Republicans can not pass their measure with more than two defections from their ranks since no Senate Democrats are expected to support it. Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill says it's not the answer.

"We can't afford (Medicaid) now and it appears it may be going in a direction where (it's appropriated) even less (federal) resources over time", William Canary, president of the Business Council of Alabama (PARCA), said after a panel discussion on the 2017 state legislative session hosted by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama. Yes, but there are myiad other flaws in the measure they ignore. "The level of hostility".

Trump also slammed the Democrats' Trump resistance movement, telling Hegseth, "I think it's a awful theme in terms of getting elected". Charles Schumer of NY and Elizabeth Warren of MA as "obstructionists". "I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out".

If it passes - and some GOP members are balking - it would have to be reconciled with the House bill. You move it a little bit over. you have a very narrow path.

"And honestly, nobody can be totally happy", Trump said. He is seeking to push a final package through the Senate before the July 4 recess.

Besides the five who've announced outright opposition, several other GOP senators - conservatives and moderates - have declined to commit to the new overhaul. "I'd like to say love, but like". Luther Strange, R-Alabama, said after years of broken promises under Obamacare, "Sen". "These bills aren't going to fix the problem. It's an unfortunate circumstance that they're trying to rush this thing through in less than a week". He said his state can not absorb Medicaid cuts in the plan.

BLOCK: Do you think they can sell that message? And I hardly see it, it's an fantastic thing.

The Senate bill resembles legislation the House approved last month.

Both the House and Senate bills would adjust Medicaid spending caps until 2025 based on a measurement of inflation that takes into account the increase in health-care costs, though the caps would be less strict for older Americans and people with disabilities.

All four hail from states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA and have received billions of federal dollars to help them cover more low-income Americans. Gov. Doug Ducey has been urging the state's two Republican U.S. senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, to provide a more gentle phase-down of the Medicaid funding cuts to allow the state time to adjust.

"There was such strong unity among conservatives and libertarians that the taxes needed to go", said Brandon Arnold, executive vice president of the National Taxpayers Union, which is positive about the Senate bill. The House GOP bill, by contrast, would require insurers to offer coverage to everyone, but states could allow insurers to set a higher price for one year for anyone who experienced at least a two-month gap in insurance coverage.

"It's going to be very hard to get me to a 'yes,"' Heller said Friday.

If this problem were fixed, I would favor Obamacare Lite over Obamacare. "Well, they're also four good guys, four friends of mine, and I think that they'll probably get there", he said. Famous last words, right?

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said the Republican bill "keeps the Democrats' broken system intact". "Remember, ObamaCare is dead", Trump tweeted late Thursday.

The cost to employers, which provide health coverage to more than 150 million workers and their families, could rise as hospitals and physicians try to make up for losses they incur caring for more uninsured patients. Still, Schumer acknowledged it was too close to call as to whether Republicans could muster enough support on their own to pass the bill. It is nearly impossible for disinterested wonks to come up with a bill that satisfies those competing conditions; the congressional GOP never stood a chance.



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Nevada's Heller is fifth GOP senator to oppose health-care bill
Heller, who is up for reelection in 2018, has expressed concerns about the way the measure addresses the future of Medicaid . With a majority of 52 senators, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can only afford to lose two "yea" votes on the bill.

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