Democratic lawmaker criticizes party brand, Pelosi

Democratic lawmaker criticizes party brand, Pelosi

Absolutely. But there's nothing to justify the complete and utter demonization of her. Pelosi is widely regarded as a strong legislative strategist, a smart, savvy leader. That remains a challenge for the party, whether in other suburban districts in the South and in the Senate races in red states with vulnerable Democratic incumbents. Nor have they identified a challenger. Most notable was the appearance of Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. But to suggest they need new leadership when they are advancing on safe Republican territory and forcing Republicans to spend millions to defend safe districts is purely emotional. He emphasized that the group "was a diverse group from an ideological, geographic and ethnic standpoint".

"Here's this unknown guy running against as big of an establishment Republican as there is in Georgia, with all the name recognition and all the experience, and she still limps to a very narrow victory in a district that is normally as solidly Republican as you can find in the United States", he said.

Meanwhile, the Hill reported activist Michael Moore expressed the anger of many on the left after Democrats spending tens of millions of dollars on the Georgia race, viewing it as a referendum on Trump. Republicans are attacking the most powerful and competent Democratic woman, just like they did to Hillary Clinton - and women are in no mood for the Democratic Party to stab them in the back by betraying Nancy Pelosi just because Republicans don't like her.

But Pelosi continues to command great loyalty from many in the House, and she insisted her position was not in jeopardy.

He'd been endorsed by a civil rights icon and former representative, John Lewis, and Democratic widows around the country were eager to send him their mites.

No other Democrat possesses the stature to match those accomplishments. "(Tom) Daschle was a target, Tip O'Neill was a target", Pelosi said. "I love the arena. I thrive on competition". Some are calling Pelosi's leadership "toxic", or saying "you'd have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top". Pelosi has helped engineer budget deals, an overhaul of the nation's health care law and an economic stimulus during her years as a leader.

That the Pelosi-bashing continued to hurt Democrats - already struggling to get their bearings after Trump's win in November - left some fuming after a morning meeting Wednesday. And meanwhile, the Senate's GOP leaders, working so secretly that even their GOP Senate colleagues were shut out as if they were lowly journalists, finally planned to roll out their attempt at a kinder, gentler plan. You go back to OH, they're not talking about Russian Federation.

There are, though, reasons to believe Pelosi poses a unique political problem for Democrats.

Trump, who spoke to the network Thursday at the White House, touted the recent Republican victory in a Georgia special election.

"Her message to Republicans was, 'Regardless of how you may feel about Donald Trump, it's important that Republicans hold onto this seat, '" Bullock said.

And Pelosi's fundraising prowess? She wrote that she hoped Times editors "will think hard about the half of America the paper too seldom covers".

In 2010, it was Pelosi and then-President Barack Obama. "Democrats haven't won there in 37 years", he said of the former speaker of the House. The $25 million raised was not enough to reverse the luck of the Democrats, who suffered defeat in districts within Kansas, Montana and SC.

The media, Republicans and some Democrats are hyping the "Time to get rid of Pelosi" narrative based on not one actual reason that is based in fact. Among those: Adding No. 2 roles to be filled by newer members on every House standing committee and adding six regional vice chairs to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"Whether she's a leader or not is up for the [Democratic] caucus to decide", Moulton said.

The Washington Times noted Pelosi, as House speaker, staked her majority on attempting to pass a major piece of legislation to limit US greenhouse gas emissions.



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