Trump's $4.1T Budget Relies on Deep Domestic Cuts

Trump's $4.1T Budget Relies on Deep Domestic Cuts

If President Donald Trump's 2018 budget was worthy of praise, you can bet he would be in Washington to bask in it. Reportedly, the only way that this could work out is if the Trump administration assumes that the tax cuts will generate enough revenue to pay for themselves and also generate an extra $2 trillion.

-Border security: The proposal includes $2.6 billion for border security technology, including money to design and build a wall along the southern border. Mexico emphatically rejects that notion.

At today's press conference at the White House, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney commented on the fact that only in Washington DC is an increase in spending considered a cut.

Trump's plan for the budget year beginning October 1 makes deep cuts in safety net programmes, including Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Programme.

The budget does not call for big changes to the Social Security retirement program or Medicare, which Trump promised during the campaign to preserve.

"So, when they don't pass it and we don't get to 3 percent growth, they're going to say, 'Well that's because you didn't pass my plan, '" Nussle said. "I think realism in the way we forecast numbers is part and parcel to a constructive budget process".

The proposal projects that this year's deficit will rise to $603 billion, up from the actual deficit of $585 billion last year.

"Cutting pensions for working people to fund tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and highly profitable corporations is something most Americans oppose, and we need to make sure they understand what this proposal would do", he added. Former President Barack Obama was panned by liberal Democrats for seeking changes to the way Social Security payments are calculated.

"Through streamlined government, we will drive an economic boom that raises incomes and expands job opportunities for all Americans", Trump said in his budget message.

Popular Video SNL is not a fan of the Trump administration, and it shows with every new skit they produce.

Democrats had an opposite interpretation.

Maya MacGuineas, the President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), however, criticized the administration's budget in an interview with CBS News' Jacqueline Alemany. Dick Durbin of IL. The new budget calls for cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (also known food stamps), and specifically WIC, which under the proposed plan would be cut by more than a billion dollars.

"We're not kicking anybody off of any program who really needs it", Mulvaney insisted.

The draft document promises a new parental leave program championed by the president's daughter, Ivanka.

Trump's proposed budget is an attempt to make good on campaign promises the businessman-turned-politician made throughout 2016, when he fired up crowds by pledging to cut government waste, remake the way government interacts with Americans and cut politically unpopular programs.

Items on the chopping block range from the Environmental Protection Agency, which would see its budget shrink by close to a third, to Medicaid, targeted for more than $800 billion in cuts. Social Security and Medicare remain virtually untouched in the proposal.

US President Donald Trump's first budget includes draconian cuts of $3.6 trillion over 10 years in social assistance and medical coverage programs for lower-income citizens, moves aimed at eliminating the deficit.

Add all this up and it means that this part of the budget has little chance of getting past Congress. Funding for food and farm programs has always brought together unusual bedfellows.

Affordable housing advocates have pushed back on the cuts, saying that the measures also reduce operating and capital expense budgets that help them maintain existing facilities, which already fall short of demand.

Senator Lindsey Graham says that Trump's budget cuts to the State Department would require the United States to "retreat from the world and put a lot of people at risk".



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