Trump budget slashes safety-net programs

Trump budget slashes safety-net programs

Trump's budget proposal calls for slashing federal spending over the next 10 years through cuts across most agencies, including government safety-net programs.

The budget plan is being released while Trump is on his first overseas trip.

Trump says his proposal would allow the White House to eliminate the budget deficit in ten years, and undertake a wide spectrum of economic and administrative reforms without adding to the United States government debt. The plan would cut by more than $72 billion the disability benefits upon which millions of Americans rely.

But getting there would require a lot of red ink.

The proposal's cuts to Medicaid, as well as changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), are notable because as entitlements they don't need the same annual authorization from Congress as other programs - such as the military spending boosts included in the March blueprint, the Post reported.

Mulvaney said too many of these programs spend other people's money. "Yes, you have to have compassion for folks who are receiving the federal funds, but also you have to have compassion for the folks who are paying it".

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney drew up the blueprint, which he said would balance the budget by 2027. But House conservatives also want to embark on a round of cuts to benefit programs and are open to Trump's suggestions for cuts to mandatory programs such as federal employee pensions.

-Science: The American Association for the Advancement of Science estimates the budget proposal would cut overall federal spending on scientific research by 16.8 percent.

The plan cuts nearly 3.6 trillion dollars (£2.7 trillion) from an array of benefit programmes and domestic agencies over the coming decade.

While Trump's draconian proposed cuts may be chilling, it is unlikely that all of them will go through Congress.

Fiscal watchdogs say that while the goal of a balanced budget might be commendable, they're doubtful that it's realistic.

To offset all the extra defense funding, Trump is proposing to slash nondefense discretionary spending by $54 billion next year and then continue to cut funding by 2% a year for the rest the decade.

That decrease includes a re-shaping of the way some countries receive military aid from the United States.

Social Security and Medicare remain untouched.

"The budget provides for the President's target of United States dollars 1 trillion in infrastructure investments, that will be met with a combination of new Federal funding, incentivised non-Federal funding, and expedited projects that would not have happened but for the Administration's involvement (for example, the Keystone XL Pipeline)", the White House said.

For comparison, the total Department of Defense budget is set for a $25 billion increase under the proposal, a 4.6% raise. "That doesn't mean that Congress isn't going to take it and ask for more", Heeley said.

The plan was outlined in White House summary documents.

The plan also includes $200 billion over a decade as a down payment on infrastructure investment, and a modest $19 billion to establish a paid parental leave program. It would allocate $1.6 billion for the creation of a wall along the US border with Mexico.

"That assumes a pessimism about America, about the economy, about the people, about its culture that we're simply refusing to accept", Mulvaney said.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has previously laughed at Trump's healthcare stances, tweeted his assertion that Trump's Medicaid cuts are "cruel". Even before its release, it was widely panned by Republicans and Democrats.

"These senseless, irresponsible choices serve one objective: to pave the way for tax cuts for the very wealthiest", said Sen.

The federal government also would spend almost $250 million less on food stamps for Wisconsin residents each year under Trump's proposed spending plan, which calls for a 25 percent decrease in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program spending, according to David Lee, executive director of Feeding Wisconsin, an organization that advocates on behalf of food shelters and oversees a network of pantries in the state.

"Three percent, I'm not seeing how you get there mathematically", said Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C.



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Trump budget slams safety-net programs for poor
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