Google AI AlphaGo topples No. 1 Go master Ke Jie

Google AI AlphaGo topples No. 1 Go master Ke Jie

Still, AlphaGo isn't programmed to win by the biggest number of points, instead it's created to look for the most sure route to victory, making its win incredibly hard to dissect.

The nuances of language remain a stumbling block for AI programmes, with human translators besting translation AI programmes from Google, translation technology specialist Systran and South Korean Internet provider Naver in a Korean-to-English translation competition. On Jan. 4, 2017, it was revealed that "Master" was in fact an updated version of AlphaGo - and, notably, that three of those wins had come against Ke. That's because it wasn't possible to program an artificial intelligence to play and win at Go in the same way chess-focused artificial intelligence was programmed before it.

This week, China is hosting one of the most anticipated conferences on artificial intelligence (AI). Ke Jie, the 19-year-old competitor, is considered not only the top player in China, but the best player in the world. By the time the match ended, Ke, staring intently at the board with the palm of his hand propped against his face, had just 13 minutes of time remaining. That tournament was a five-game series that saw AlphaGo win the first three matches, although the tournament continued just for fun, with Sedol making a comeback in game four only to be defeated again in the final match.

Google hopes to showcase the evolution of machine intelligence this week in Wuzhen, Demis Hassabis, chief executive officer and and co-founder of Google DeepMind, wrote in a recent blog post.

The narrow victory might give Ke some confidence but, according to the DeepMind team behind the AI, this was a likely outcome given AlphaGo's programming. "I opened the match following Master's style, aiming to see how AlphaGo responds".

Ke has alternated between awe and disdain for AlphaGo. Let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

Ke was among many top Chinese players who were trounced in online contests in January by a mysterious adversary who reportedly won 60 straight victories. Games can go on for hours, and playing requires huge mental stamina, intuition and strategy. However, considering Google has shown it millions of matches from top players, coming up with such "unseen moves" may be hard, especially for a human player who can't watch millions of hours of video to train. The Go competition will be part of the "Future of Go Summit" which is being conducted by Google, while the grand finale is set for Saturday.



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